AWDC is a private foundation which protects the common interests of the diamond sector in Belgium.

Antwerp World Diamond Centre
Hoveniersstraat 22
2018 Antwerpen
T +32 3 222 05 11
Tom Neys
T +32 497 88 15 36
Ari Epstein
David Gotlib
Instagram The Diamond Loupe - @the_diamond_loupe
Instagram DnA - @diamondsandantwerp

David Gotlib, President
Ari Epstein, CEO

AWDC strives to further develop Antwerp as the world diamond centre and to promote the image and reputation of the sector among the general public. These tasks are entrusted to the Diamond Office, which administers the flow of diamonds to and from Antwerp. The foundation offers the sector a wide range of services: marketing campaigns, conferences, trade fairs, economic missions, and so on. AWDC strives to be of assistance to everybody affected by – or simply interested in – the fascinating world of diamonds. Whether you are a professional in the sector, a diamond mining company or a couple looking for the perfect wedding ring, we will do our best to help.

AWDC is also the inspirer of DnA, Sparklr and The Diamond Loupe:

Diamond and Antwerp have been inextricably linked for 575 years. Throughout its rich history, the diamond sector has taken a special place - literally and figuratively - in the heart of the city. Diamonds have become an intrinsic part of Antwerp's DNA, just as the city is part of the DNA of the diamond sector. Diamonds & Antwerp, it's in our DnA!

Sparklr includes all our B2C activities that tell the history, importance and future of diamonds in Antwerp in a fun and interactive way through all kinds of workshops, visits and projects. Including for example the basics of gemology and the 4 c's of a cut diamond, learn how to start designing a jewel, cut your own rough diamond and our Champagne on the Rocks for receptions and events.

The Diamond Loupe is an international news platform where we inform all stakeholders about global events concerning diamonds: from mining to the trends and evolutions in the jewellery sector and the diamond trade.


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