Synergrid represents the operators of transport and/or transmission networks for electricity or natural gas.

Federation of Electricity and Gas Operators in Belgium
Avenue Palmerston 4
1000 Bruxelles
T + 32 2 237 11 11
F + 32 2 230 44 80
François Boisseleau
T + 32 2 237 11 30
Fernand Grifnée
General Secretary
François Boisseleau
Foundation date
Total number of employees of member companies

Fernand Grifnée, President
François Boisseleau, General Secretary

In 2022, an energy crisis drove prices to extreme levels in Belgium, putting households and businesses under severe pressure. The nine Synergrid transmission grid operators took control of tariffs, paid special attention to customers in difficulty and continued to invest in a more renewable energy system. During that year, grid operators invested more than €2 billion in electricity and gas. A total of 9.8 million electricity and gas customers benefited from the services provided by the grid operators and their 13,000 employees.

The ongoing energy transition is critically important when it comes to consuming energy that is less carbon-intensive, more sustainable and more local. Transmission grids play a crucial role in the transition and we must invest massively and intelligently in them. Customers are also becoming major players in the system and system operators must develop tools to give them greater flexibility.

Collectively coordinating the actions of grid operators within Synergrid is essential for meeting the global challenges of energy transition.

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