The Union of recognized social secretariat (USS), a Belgian federation of recognised social secretariats, defends the interests of its sector. It strives to provide its members with information, promote cooperation and open up opportunities for exchange between members at all levels.

Union of recognized social secretariat
rue Accolay 40
1000 Brussels
T + 32 2 230 27 23
Jos Gijbels
Michaƫl Hoornaert
Managing Director
Jos Gijbels
Foundation date 
Total number of workers active in member companies
Twitter: @JosGijbels
Twitter: @USS_bel

Michaël Hoornaert, President
Jos Gijbels , General Manager

The USS aims to simplify payroll administration for employers, thereby promoting entrepreneurship. It has 29 members (out of 30 recognised social secretariats). Some 90% of private sector employers have been using the services of a social secretariat for years.

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